Shiba Inu Price Prediction: 130 million dormant tokens will be found in the backyard of Wall Street.

Shiba Inu Price It is anticipated that 130 million dormant tokens will be dug out from the backyard of Wall Street.

The price of Shiba Inus is increasing as their social media domination grows.
Recent developments have resulted in the awakening of 130 million dormant tokens, which are now part of the total supply.
The bearish thesis would be invalidated if the price were to break above $0.00001700.

The price of Shiba Inu exhibits certain intriguing on-chain indicators, and these data provide the impression that the market bottom is not yet stable.

The price of Shiba Inus can drop once again.

As a result of the bears’ rejection of the infamous meme currency from the 8-day simple moving average, the price of Shiba Inu is presently auctioning at $0.00001204. Despite the fact that the bullish countertrend rally has not been completely liquidated, there are a few elements working behind the scenes that point towards a negative foothold.

According to data provided by Santiment’s Daily Active Addresses, the number of active daily addresses associated with the SHIBA token has recently seen a large spike. The very small increase from 4,600 to the current figure of 6,200 hints that whales may be transferring their SHIB tokens to exchanges in preparation for a sale in the near future.

In addition to this, during the first week of August, the market saw a tremendous inflow of inactive tokens, which caused the price of SHIB to experience significant volatility. According to the indication, there was an abrupt movement of 130 million tokens that had never been moved in the preceding two years. This is a highly worrisome indicator since, generally speaking, increases in the number of circulating tokens almost always end in significant crypto market sell-offs.

The Daily Active Addresses, Social Dominance, and Two-Year Dormant Circulation Indixators, as well as Santiment’s Other Indixators

In conclusion, the price of Shiba Inus has gone increased across the board in terms of social media sites. It is possible to interpret this as a pessimistic signal for the market despite the fact that the social dominance performance over the summer virtually doubled when compared to the spring. According to the indicator’s statistical findings, the price of the world’s most well-known dog coin does not spike while everyone is watching.

In conclusion, a precipitous drop in the price of Shiba Inus could be in the horizon. According to the technical and on-chain indicators, there is a good likelihood that the liquidity level beneath the low that occurred on July 13 at $0.00000976 will be broken.

The bearish thesis would be invalidated if the price were to break above $0.00001700. If the bulls are successful in taking out this level, it is possible that they will be the catalyst for the next Shiba bull run with goals in the zone of $0.00002400. This would result in a 100% gain from the present value of the market.

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