Growing Anthurium

Growing Anthurium. Reproducing sexually means a chance to shake things up and produce new characteristics. Don't place your plant in direct lighting.

How To Grow And Care For Pink Anthurium
How To Grow And Care For Pink Anthurium from

Fill the pot with soil until it reaches the same level as in the previous container. Anthuriums grown from cuttings or root division are genetic clones of the parent plant. As we noted earlier, salt compounds can build up in your anthurium’s pot over time.

If You Are Growing This Plant As A Houseplant, A Half And Half Mix Of Potting Soil And Orchid Soil Or Perlite Will Provide The Kind Of Soil Anthuriums Prefer.

Firm the soil surface with the palm of your hand. What you need to know about anthurium. You can grow anthurium plants in pots.

Cultivation In Beds Is Good At Higher Altitudes Ie Above 1000 Msl A Loose Medium Above The Ground Is Suitable For Anthurium.

36 rows plant food. As we noted earlier, salt compounds can build up in your anthurium’s pot over time. When growing anthuriums outdoors, it is best to grow them in containers that can be moved inside if temperatures in your areas can dip below 60 degrees f (15.5 c.).

Anthuriums Have A Low Tolerance For Direct Sunlight, And Their Leaves Will Easily Burn.

Anthuriums get their name from the greek words “anthos” and “oura,” meaning “tail. The true flowers of the plant grow from the center structure called an inflorescence. Submerged leaves will rot and pollute the water, so if any trail below the surface cut them off with sterile scissors.

Avoid Anthurium Cultivation Where Temperatures Are Lower Than 15°C And Above 35°C.

The anthurium is an indigenous tropical plant. It is also important to water the root zone thoroughly and then let the soil dry out between waterings. Anthurium care also requires that the soil be free draining but hold some water.

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Media Used For Growing Is An Important Factor That Affects The Growth Of The Plant.

Terracotta pots are best for growing anthurium, compare to plastic pots, they should have enough drainage holes. If your house gets too hot, your anthuriums will wilt. Water lightly to settle the soil and top with a bit more soil.

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