Anthurium Varieties

Anthurium Varieties. This is a type of anthurium developed in hawaii in the early stages of producing hybrid varieties and their flowers are smaller and more narrow than other types. This hybrid of two equally awesome species has gorgeous velvety leaves with bright white venation.

42 Stunning Anthurium Varieties You Need To See - Smart Garden Guide
42 Stunning Anthurium Varieties You Need To See – Smart Garden Guide from

Similarly, there is a wide variety of anthurium as well. In this article you’ll read all about these varieties. It has 3 famous varieties.

Anthurium Andre (Also Known As Andrianum) Is One Of The Most Popular Varieties That Laid The Foundation For Many Hybrid Varieties.

The first one is the ‘white lady’. Also known as the king anthurium, a. The new leaves often emerge bright red!

The Color Of The Spathe Is Light Red And Spadix, White Or Pink.

Anthurium varieties are not so hard to care for, provided you are cautious enough. The second one is the ‘lilli’, with a close resemblance to pink tulips. The centennial is a white anthurium that was named for the 100 year anniversary of higher education in the hawaiian islands.

Anthurium Warocqueanum, Commonly Known As The Queen Anthurium Is A Perennial Plant Native To Tropical Rainforest.

Flower 1 is a young flower and its spathe has a bright, uniform and clear color. Beautiful pictures of anthurium varieties from instagram. But now a days, the name lady jane is commonly used for a series of.

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Etsy) let’s look at some of the essential care guides. A post shared by chris gunning (@patchwork.zombie) 2. Although, one identifies a variety with the color of its spathe, this color of the spathe also changes with the age of the flower.

This Is A List Of Anthurium Species, A Large Genus Of Flowering Plants From The Arum Family ( Araceae ).

This section will cover some of the most popular and common types of both philodendrons and anthurium, along with their specific characteristics and features. The spathe is usually green in most varieties, and the spadix is pale green or yellow. Some are harder to find than others.

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