Anthurium Gracile

Anthurium Gracile. Anthurium gracile is a rare aroid part of the family of araceae. Seeds for sale starting at € 9.60.

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This plant is easy to care for, either in a terrarium or as an exotic houseplant in a location. The genus is native to the americas, where it is distributed from northern mexico to northern argentina and parts of the caribbean. The seeds are the consistency of water chestnut and bright red.

Use A 50% Perlite And 50% Regular Potting Mix To Grow Anthurium Gracile.

Between 15 and 30 degrees celsius. Anthurium gracile is a great addition to your urban jungle. A temperature between 50 to 85 degrees fahrenheit (10 to 29.4 degrees celsius) and a humidity level of 60% are perfect.

Anthurium Gracile Is A Compact Aroid With Glossy, Elongated Leaves.

We grew these little beauties from seeds and they are now ready for some new homes. These indoor plants thrive in a warm, humid and well lit position with indirect light. Keep them moist and humid and they should germinate with a high success rate.

An Epiphyte, When Kept As A Houseplant It Needs Excellent Drainage.

The seeds then germinate in the middle of the nest, an ideal environment for the young seedlings. An interesting species that in nature has a close relationship with ants. As an epiphyte, anthurium gracile attaches itself to the trunk of a tropical rainforest tree through its white fleshy epiphytic roots.

Anthurium Philodendron Monstera Tropical Plants Supplies Home Anthurium Gracile.

This tends to retain too much moisture which will leave the roots sitting. Free shipping in germany above 60€ and eu above 100€. Pasuruan contoh tanaman (3) anthurium.

Small “Gardens” Grow Up In And Around The.

The seeds are the consistency of water chestnut and bright red. Anthurium gracile has developed a unique way to solve this problem. Browse these categories as well:

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