Anthurium Ace Of Spades For Sale

Anthurium Ace Of Spades For Sale. 5 find us on : You’ll want to use a very light or ‘loose’ potting mix.

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This hybrid with unknown parentage comes from hawaii. Araceae aroids variegated plants and other rare plants europe. Plants on the picture is the one will be sent to you, except we have more than 1 stocks.

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Your email address will not be published. These plants are relatively fast growing and enjoy humid environments. *the plants we sell are in accordance with the pictures, and we are always updating the conditions of these plants.*.

This Plant Is Toxic If Ingested For Both Humans And Animals So Keep It Away From Kids Or Your Furry Friends!

This is a final sale and there will be absolutely no refunds or compensations for any reason. Anthurium ace of spades leaves : Being a rare hybrid plant, anthurium ‘ace of spades’ is generally not easily available and is sold out in most stores.

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Reopening soon plants by name. Anthurium ace of spades is a dream for dark velvet anthurium collectors! 3 sprouted seeds anthurium fairchild x luxurians $ 295.00 add to cart;

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Add to cart wishlist wishlist wishlist. Quantity decrease quantity for anthurium "ace of spades" Anthurium ace of spades variegated.

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Anthurium ' Ace Of Spades ' Has Breathtaking Shiny, Velvet Dark Green Leaves.

Pick your plant baby 1. Ace of spades is one magical anthurium. You’ll want to use a very light or ‘loose’ potting mix.

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